"Working with Nick was the best experience I've had with a filmmaker. We discussed what the concepts were before we shot the video, what we wanted to accomplish. When the day of the shoot came, he came prepared with a vast arsenal of filmmaking tools to take the video to the next level. We snagged a great spread of shots for him to use and even then, he came down for another day to shoot a few more things and tighten them up.

Very easy-going dude. Knows the music business really well, so he knows how to work with you as an artist and bridge that gap with who your audience may be. This really came through when we were editing. Despite me demanding little changes here and there, he was very cool about it, worked to establish what I wanted for my vision as well as translate into video what viewers would love to see out of their artists.

Affordable. Awesome dude. Great talent for this. Highly recommend."