"We hired Encapsulate Music to commemorate our biggest headlining show and record release. With everything leading up to the event, I felt a bit overwhelmed. Thankfully, Nick and his crew were entirely independent and professional - they arrived early and got in despite me forgetting to turn in the guest list. They knew exactly what to do and who to talk to in setting up audio and video. They got great shots and I didn't even notice them filming. I was most impressed with how they took ownership of the project and I didn't have to worry about a thing. The end result was that we were able to focus on putting on our best show, and then a few days later Nick presented us with this incredible video of the night. Some of our fans even mentioned the video looked better than the show did in person!"

Mike Maimone of Mutts

“Thanks Nick. These came out really great. Good work.” - Joseph Marro (The Early November/Working Group Management)

"...THE VIDEO IS WAY COOL THANK YOU NICK" - Tanner of You Blew It! (Topshelf Records/Jade Tree)

“Great work. Video rules.” - Evan Weiss of Into It. Over It. (Triple Crown Records)

 “These are rad!” -Cathy Pellow (Sargent House Records)

“Very stoked on this. Looks and sounds splendid.” - Mike Smith of Bloodshot Records

“I like the mix. Sounds awesome!” -Tre McCarthy of Deathwish Inc

“The videos are fucking AWESOME. Thanks for doing a killer job.” -Jenny Owen Youngs (Nettwerk Music Group)

 “Looks great to us! Thank you!” - John Bradley of DADS (6131 Records)

“…you guys really did an excellent job!” -Victor Villareal of Victor Villareal/Owls/Ghosts and Vodka

“The mix sounds great and video looks great too!” -Cheyenne Mize (Yep Roc Records)

“Dude, this looks phenomenal!!” Rich Nardo of 24 West

“OH MANNNNNN OH MAN! This really may be my favorite video anyone has ever taken of us. Just my input, but wow  I cant wait to show this to people. Amazing job yall, im really impressed. Wish I could see more!” -Casey of Diarrhea Planet (Infinity Cat Recordings)

“Thanks Nick! This is freaking GREAT! Awesome job!!” - Joel & Lindsay at The Mylene Sheath

“Pumped to finally get these out for people to see, love how they came out.” - Marco  of Northern Faces (Equal Vision Records)

“This is killer man!” Gabe of Kopecky (ATO Records)

“This is awesome!” - Jordan of Rozwell Kid (Broken World Media)

“This sounds great! $$$$$$$” -Jayson of California Wives (Vagrant)

“These look great! Thanks so much Nick.” -Jamie Garabedian (Vagrant Records)

“Awesome! Love this!!” - Kate Landau of Red Light Management

“Nick, these look amazing!” - Seth Kallen of This Fiction Management

“This IS incredible!” - Stephanie Marlow Publicity